Gumby Fest Numero Uno

September 1998 - Albuquerque - New Mexico

One night while the fragging was slow on Gumby Death, Sixxgunn and I started talking about how much we hated the lag, and it would be cool if we could play on a LAN. One thing led to another and one of us said "Well, let's do it!". After a little planning with da boyz up in Albuquerque, we had ourselves a partay! Here are the humble beginnings of Gumby Fest. We ain't pretty but we're dedicated =8') Just click on the pictures to see larger images suitable for framing...

The Game Room (Left)

Soul Ripper, dwelch, Sixxgunn, Muscles
The Game Room (Right)

Muscles, Horicus, Z-man, X-Factor
The Group

Sixxgunn, X-Factor, Muscles, dwelch
Mikey-D, Soul Ripper, Horicus

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