Well our celebration of 8 years and 10 parties of fraggin' fun has come to an end and all I can say is W-O-W! Things worked out just about as well as could be asked for. We had a great turnout, the hotel let us have free reign for all three days, we played most of the games we wanted to, nobody had their car broken into, Z-mang kept his clothes on (in public), and 7 of the 8 original LANners were present. As expected we did have a little problem with all the new 600 WATT power supplies, 7800 GTX video cards and 24" (and higher) monitors, but we eventually figured that out.


First off we have to thank those people who came in from around the country. As you can see we did a great job of representing almost all 4 corners! We appreciate the dedication of those people that drove in and especially those that flew in for going the extra mile (hehe) to support Gumby Fest.

Thanks to Ken "Bink" Binkley for once again getting us our kick butt banner with the updated logo. Cheers for all the years of support behind the scenes bro!

Thanks to Z-mang and Sandy for doing the legwork to get us the room at the hotel for such a good rate. He definitely puts the "mang" in Z-Mang!

I would personally like to thank everyone that helped pay for the room and bought some of the wicked Gumby Fest Swag to help support the cause. I'll never break even but I appreciate the help! If you missed getting something I still have a few mousepads and keychains, and I have a ton of the shirts and hats :)


We were of course missing people from the past that I would like to mention: our missing 8th Darrin (Muscles), Lori (Bimbo), Rob (Snip), LeLand, Ken (Bink), Rick (ePiC), Shana (purtyred), Cody, Clay (Ichabod), Jeff (Tatemeister), Jeff (Muddier_dog), Jamal (Killer), Dave (Sieve), Nathan (FireStorm), Creston (Wulf), Dave (Hoss)...others?

And those that should have been there but were unavoidably detained by the evil Disney empire...Skube and Demona :)


As always we must remember our humble beginnings and in my mind that begins with Jo and Steve Fox. Their generosity enabled this great thing we have to be created and prosper. For this we are eternally grateful...

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All rights reserved